InLine Leach Reactor

Intensive Leaching Chemistry

Fast reaction kinetics to treat a diverse range of gold and silver concentrates

Gekko’s ILR is fully optimisable for the best possible gold and silver recoveries.

 “Higher Recoveries, Faster, Guaranteed”

Maximise Recoveries From Gravity Gold Concentrates

Gekko’s easy-to-use InLine Leach Reactor (ILR) offers superior gold recoveries in a high efficiency, low cost system.

The innovative ‘rolling barrel’ design of the ILR agitates and leaches coarse gold concentrates under intensive cyanide and oxygen conditions.

The ILR is available as a completely automated batch model for processing small volume gravity gold concentrates from batch separators; and, as a continuous model for treating high-throughput gold and complex sulphide concentrates from an InLine Pressure Jig and flotation circuits.


First developed in 1997, the ILR has provided an alternative from traditional physical separation steps, such as using recovery tables, into a lucrative chemical separation process. The ILR’s innovative design and efficient mineral leaching chemistry is providing cost, production and environment gains to hundreds of operations worldwide.


Greater Productivity and Profits

Fully optimised to mining operations, the ILR boasts consistent free gold recoveries of over 98% as well as superior recoveries of gold from complex sulphide ores. Leaching coarse (>300 micron) gravity concentrates and recycling leach solutions delivers low energy and operating costs. Rapid leach kinetics and an automated system provide fast  mineral recoveries.

In place of open shaking tables that are prone to theft, the enclosed ILR has lockable access points to protect against theft losses and reduce manual handling.


Simple and Safe to Operate

The ILR can be easily retrofitted to any grinding circuit. The modular, small footprint design requires minimal space for integration. The ILR’s chemical handling is automated and important leach parameters are electronically controlled, making operations faster and safer. Tailings generated are smaller and can be coupled with the detoxification of cyanide, which protects the environment.


How the ILR Works

The automated Batch ILR treats up to 24 tpd of feed containing accumulated gravity or flotation concentrates of fine and coarse gold. Whereas, the Continuous ILR treats continuous feeds of high tonnage and/or low grade concentrates from gold and complex sulphide ores.

Both the Batch and the Continuous ILRs work to chemically leach metal from ore concentrates using the same separation principle. The ILR’s horizontal rolling bottle design keeps particulate matter in suspension and continuously mixes to accelerate a chemical reaction within the solution.

The ILR receives gravity concentrates or flotation concentrates into its enclosed rolling drum. Inside the drum, the ore concentrates mix with a typically strong 1-2% cyanide solution and pure oxygen (in the case of gold extraction), known as intensive leaching. Specialised baffles inside the drum keep solids in constant contact with the chemical solution. The correct combination of chemicals and ore, plus the slow rolling action of the drum, creates a highly efficient leaching reaction.

When leaching is complete, the pregnant metal rich solution is clarified and transferred to a metal extraction circuit. The leftover cyanide solution is recycled and remaining solids are discarded.


Optimise Your Ore

The flexible ILR is designed to deliver the fastest leach reaction kinetics for many ore types. The ILR accommodates different leach chemistries and reagent regimens.

Because every ore and every plant is different, the best mineral recoveries are obtained when the ILR’s leaching parameters are optimised to the specific mining operation.

Gekko offer in-house laboratory pre-testing for the ILR and recommend laboratory optimisation for every new ILR installation. The laboratory results are directly scalable to the full-size ILR. Gekko guarantee ILR recoveries when Gekko laboratory services conduct the leach testing and optimisation.


Safety and Security

The ILR improves gold concentrate security by replacing open tabling with an enclosed leach reactor that eliminates manual handling.


Accelerated Cash Flow

Lower operating costs and greater financial returns are achieved via full automation and electronic control of critical leach parameters.


Improved Recoveries

The target recovery of free gold by the ILR is over 98%. Very high recovery rates on complex sulphide-related gold can also be achieved.


Fast Delivery

The ILR is readily available for shipping and there’s no waiting time for installation, improving speed to operation.



Due to the clever low maintenance design of the ILR, machine components operate at low speeds, reducing wear and saving on maintenance costs.



A simple ‘one pump – one drum’ drive design, with no complex reagents, makes the ILR easy to install into grinding circuits.


Click here to download the technical specifications for the InLine Leach Reactor BATCH



Click here to download the technical specifications for the InLine Leach Reactor CONTINUOUS


Time lapse ILR Construction 

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