Modular Systems

Modular Components for Smarter Mining

  • Innovative design and construction provides versatile and flexible flowsheet options
  • Assembled and operated with ease
  • Easy to move and transport around the world

Ingenious designs and advanced technology drive Gekko’s production of modular plant systems.

Offering significant cost benefits and a low environmental footprint; Gekko process designers customise self-contained high recovery plants for minimal start-up capital, using high-quality components and in-house expertise.

These flexible modular plants are engineered to deliver super-efficient, environmentally friendly recoveries, by cleverly combining Gekko’s gravity pre-concentration, flotation and intensive leach technologies.

Beyond Tradition

Nowadays it’s extremely expensive to build a new processing plant. Therefore mining operations are turning to modular plant systems that offer advantages such as:

  • Low capital costs that are reflected in a higher ROI
  • Improved cost to recovery ratios
  • Shipping to remote locations, compact modular systems are mobile and moveable
  • Quick and easy assembly on site by Gekko
  • Different modules can be used to customise a specific extraction process
  • Operational performance, quality and safety are upheld
  • Module throughputs are 20, 50 and 100 tonnes per hour – other tonnages available upon application
  • The best combination of modules for a specific operation will be recommended after initial ore testing by Gekko
  • Small environmental footprint due to the energy efficient design and operation
  • Off-site construction and pre-assembly by Gekko streamlines installation, commissioning and, therefore, cashflow generation.

Ores that can be concentrated by gravity or a combination of gravity and flotation processes are ideal for modular systems. Pre-concentration significantly reduces energy requirements and lowers the carbon footprint of plant operations.

Gekko’s modular systems are used worldwide for free gold, complex gold, exploration, alluvial or hard rock, and diamond applications. Where appropriate, Gekko source and include processing equipment from other suppliers if required.


Typically, modular plants are designed and built by Gekko for a given mine operation with specific requirements. Gekko’s innovative core technologies and in-house process design expertise will produce an agile, effective modular plant. Contact a Gekko engineer today.


Innovative Gold Plant Design for Better Returns

Gekko also offer a ready-made modular plant known as the Gravity Flotation Intensive Leach (GFIL) system.

GFIL is a complete off-the-shelf gold processing modular plant designed to advance traditional whole ore cyanidation. It’s ideal for mines and ores with:

  • Restricted cyanide use permissions
  • Limited footprint space
  • A remote location
  • High forecast capital and operating costs
  • Sulphide-associated gold (complex ores)

The GFIL is backed by Gekko’s technological expertise and in-depth knowledge of gravity separation, flotation and intensive leaching systems for efficient gold recoveries.


How the GFIL Works

The GFIL uses a Vertical Shaft Impactor (VSI) and High Pressure Grinding Roll (HPGR) to liberate mineral at a coarse grind size, which reduces energy costs.

The InLine Pressure Jig (IPJ) recovers a coarse mineral concentrate. As the desired mineral gets concentrated to approximately 5% of the total mass, the standard practice of cyanide leaching 100% of the ore is eliminated.

This 5% ore is treated with cyanide in Gekko’s proprietary high-performance InLine Leach Reactor (ILR) for superior gold recovery. The ILR reduces the consumption and environmental impact of whole ore cyanidation.

The gold is then recovered using the G-Rex column and the gold-bearing solution sent to electrowinning for final extraction.


Compact / Easily Transportable

Gekko’s extremely compact modular systems fit into 40ft shipping containers, making them easy to move and transport around the world.

Accelerated Cash Flow

The innovative modular systems offer significant savings on capital investment, installation and ongoing operating costs.

Integrated Resources

Gekko Modular Systems contain high quality, fully integrated Gekko components that are built to last.


Simple design features allow Gekko Modular Systems to be assembled and operated with ease.


Due to the flexible modular components of Gekko’s plant systems, flowsheets can be adapted to suit specific operational needs.

Fast Delivery

A simple ‘one pump – one drum’ drive design, with no complex reagents, makes the ILR easy to install into grinding circuits.


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