Technology Solutions

Since 1995, Gekko has been developing technologies to improve
cost-to-recovery ratios, enhance operational efficiencies, extend
mine life, and protect the environment. Gekko’s innovation and
development cycle provides clients with clear answers, state-of-the-art concepts, optimised installations, and high yields.

Technology Solutions include: Low cost technologies that increase gold recovery (IPJ, ILR, G-Rex) and Engineered solutions (Python, a treating satellite and underground deposits, and the Gravity Box.)


Digital Solutions

The collaboration between plant processes such as in CIL/CIP circuits and the equipment running within them enables individual data to be collected into a common repository where the data can be interpreted and recompiled into meaningful information that can automatically report and execute on production improvement actions /interventions.

If you are interested in our digital solutions have a look at the OLGA, Online Gold Analyser and the Carbon Scout, for real time Carbon Management.

Carbon Scout

Carbon Scout

The Carbon Scout is a self-contained, ground-level sampling system that measures the carbon concentration in CIL and carbon-in-pulp circuits to an accuracy of ±0.5 grams of carbon per litre of pulp. The unit also provides other operating data important to the leaching process including slurry density, pH, Dissolved oxygen (DO) and most recently the measurement of gold loading on carbon. Data profiles are provided from every leach tank, every hour. Learn more



An advanced leach accelerant able to increase gold recovery while shortening intensive cyanidation times, making gold production a faster and more effective process. Learn more

InLine Leach Reactor

InLine Leach Reactor

First developed in 1997, the ILR has provided an alternative from traditional physical separation steps, such as using recovery tables, into a lucrative chemical separation process. The ILR’s innovative design and efficient mineral leaching chemistry is providing cost, production and environment gains to hundreds of operations worldwide.

The ILR can be easily retrofitted to any grinding circuit. The modular, small footprint design requires minimal space for integration. The ILR’s chemical handling is automated and important leach parameters are electronically controlled, making operations faster and safer. Tailings generated are smaller and can be coupled with the detoxification of cyanide, which protects the environment. Learn more

InLine Pressure Jig

InLine Pressure Jig

The innovative IPJ is a continuous gravity separation device that rapidly and efficiently pre-concentrates high-value and high density mineral particles such as tin, tantalum, sulphides and free gold. With installations worldwide the unit has multiple applications including assisting in gangue rejection and combining with flotation to recover coarse minerals at the +100 micron range. The IPJ has significant benefits such as low water consumption, low footprint, ease of operation and 30 years of operational history. Learn more

InLine Spinner

InLine Spinner

Clean, high-grade concentrates of gold and heavy minerals are achieved with Gekko’s InLine Spinner (ISP). The simple, low maintenance ISP is a cost-effective tool for separating coarse and fine particles. 

Adding an ISP to mine operations will upgrade recoveries from intermediate or low-grade ores and lower operating costs. It requires no water for elutriation, is fully automated and can produce a high-grade smelter-ready product. Furthermore, because the product volume is smaller, fewer chemicals are required downstream, offering significant cost savings. Learn more

Modular Systems

Modular Systems

Offering significant cost benefits and a low environmental footprint; Gekko process designers customise self-contained high recovery plants for minimal start-up capital, using high-quality components and in-house expertise.

These flexible modular plants are engineered to deliver super-efficient, environmentally friendly recoveries, by cleverly combining Gekko’s gravity pre-concentration, flotation and intensive leach technologies. Learn more



OLGA is a world first onstream analyser designed to continuously read low grade gold grades in slurries and solutions, giving operations the ability to see and control their plants in real time. The alternative traditional sampling methods involve significant delays – of up to one or two days for feedback. Learn more



The Python is an award-winning, modular, ore-concentration plant. It’s cleverly designed to increase revenues, lower operating costs and deliver better environmental outcomes.

Installed above ground or deep within mines, the Python specialises in utilising energy-efficient comminution, gravity separation and flotation processes to reduce the ore to a coarse size, which reduces the downstream processing energy costs. Learn more

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