InLine Pressure Jig

New Age Gravity separation

Traditional jig concepts combined with today’s technology and design innovations.

 “More Throughput at Less cost = More Profit”

The New Art In Gravity Separation

The innovative InLine Pressure Jig (IPJ) rapidly and efficiently pre-concentrates high-value ore particles using gravity separation, mechanics and fluid dynamics. Improved plant capacity and lower operating costs are delivered by rejecting low-value material prior to further processing. 

The high energy cost of heavy crushing is eliminated by Gekko’s IPJ, which processes coarse feeds of up to 30mm. A higher-grade ore is produced because the IPJ concentrates crushed deposits to a smaller mineral-rich feed volume. This greatly enhances the efficiency and mineral recovery of downstream processing.

The IPJ in 3D


Gekko’s founding product, the IPJ uses traditional gravity separation jig concepts combined with today’s technology and design innovations. Harnessing the natural force of gravity, the IPJ provides an eco-friendly, cost-efficient concentration method for coarse feeds up to 30mm.


The IPJ offers many advantages including:

  • High mineral recovery
  • High unit throughput
  • High security
  • Local control of jig parameters
  • Low water use
  • Low installation costs
  • Low operating costs
  • Efficient use of downstream machinery

The IPJ’s clever design has a small operational footprint and is easy to ship. IPJs are available in several sizes, with feeds up to 250 tph for larger operations. Flexible jig components and adjustable operation modes allow the IPJ to be set to specific ores and current applications.


Greater Recoveries

Exceptional improvements to mine operating costs, process efficiencies and recoveries are achieved by pre-concentrating deposits using the IPJ. Gangue rejection enriches the valuable mineral product into a smaller volume for efficient downstream processing.

The IPJ uses 20% less power, and consumes 10% of the water, compared to traditional jigs. Saving water and reducing energy helps mine operations lower their environmental impacts and remain profitable.

IPJ pre-concentration of old tailings or low-grade deposits can liberate commercially viable minerals and maximise mine operations.



Design Flexibility

An innovative and compact design, the IPJ provides superior gravity separation for many different materials. Great flexibility in design allows Gekko’s IPJ to be:

  • Easy to operate, reducing manual handling and staff costs
  • Optimised for performance, to pull 0.5 to 30% of the feed mass as a concentrate
  • Transportable and mobile, the IPJ can even be mounted to a ship for marine operations
  • Matched to process volume with five IPJ sizes now available
  • Adjusted to recover the heaviest 5% or the heaviest 15% total mass, to suit specific downstream operations
  • Modified to recover the most mineral value as the deposit changes


Innovative Design

The versatile IPJ is based on traditional gravity separation jig concepts and takes advantage of today’s technology and design innovations.

The IPJ’s high mineral recovery is achieved through a combination of unique features:

  • Innovative design – a circular vessel with a central slurry injection point
  • Automated and adjustable jigging by changing frequency and length of stroke
  • More energetic and efficient jigging action compared to water-based jigs
  • Less water is required for the slurry, keeping the material concentrated
  • Flexible operation to treat different minerals and different ore bodies.
  • Ore-specific ragging size, particle size and other variables optimised during initial laboratory testing


How the IPJ Works

Coarse crushed ore slurry is continuously fed, from the centre of the IPJ, onto a vertically pulsed circular screen.

The wire screen is covered with ragging that, when combined with the jig’s pulsing action, causes dense mineral particles in the slurry to drop through the screen to the concentration vessel – to be collected under pressure. Simultaneously, the lighter particles move to the outer edge of the unit, over a tailboard to an outer cone and is then discharged.

Because the IPJ is fully encapsulated it can be completely filled with slurry. It also requires less water and can be pressurised. This maximises throughput volumes and speeds up processing. Pressurisation also slows the velocity of the slurry and removes the water’s surface tension. This encourages the slurry to recirculate within the IPJ and improves recoveries.



Customise Your Concentrate

The IPJ has an advanced control system and can be fully customised to ore and plant requirements. As ore deposits change, the IPJ can be fine-tuned to ensure ongoing high recoveries. Each variable in the IPJ system can be optimised to maximise mineral recoveries.

These include choosing the ideal:

  • Length of shaft stroke
  • Pulse frequency
  • Speed of the jig’s down strokes
  • Screen aperture
  • Ragging material (ragging density), dimension and depth
  • Feed rate (tph) and size range
  • Hutch water additions

Flexible control of IPJ variables has successfully concentrated ore to recover a diverse range of minerals, including gold, sulphides, silver, native copper, tantalum, garnet and diamonds.

Gekko’s expert laboratory services ensure optimal IPJ operation for maximum recoveries.

Low Water Use

The IPJ consumes 10% of the water volume of conventional jigs and performs normally with hutch water containing up to 1-2% solids.


The IPJ has flexible operating and machine variables that allow it to be adapted to suit your specific ore processing needs.

Low Power Consumption

The IPJ’s wide feed size reduces the high cost of energy required for fine crushing. The IPJ uses 20% less power compared to traditional jigs

Accelerated Cash Flow

The IPJ operates at a low US$0.04 per tonne and achieves superior recoveries of mineral-rich ore for higher and faster financial returns

Compact/Easily Transportable

The IPJ is extremely compact, has a low operational footprint and fits into 40ft shipping containers, making it easy to move and transport around the world.

Longer Life of Mine

The IPJ extends mine life by decreasing the ore deposit’s cut-off grade and increasing the ore grade via gravity concentration


Click here to download the technical specifications for the IPJ – GOLD & SULPHIDE

Click here to download the technical specifications for the IPJ – PRE-CONCENTRATION

Click here to download the technical specifications for the IPJ – DIAMONDS

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