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Brazahav Resources Inc

Gekko Signs-up Engineering, Installation and Technology Deal with Brazahav Resources Inc
Gekko Systems | 17 April 2013

Gekko Systems is pleased to announce the signing of a deal with Brazahav Resources Inc for the design engineering, supply and installation of a complete intensive leaching circuit. Read more

Paul Barbaro to Head Up Gekko Systems Chile Office

Paul Barbaro to Head Up Gekko Systems Chile Office
Gekko Systems | 15 April 2013

Sandy Gray, Technical Director, Gekko Systems is pleased to welcome Paul Barbaro to the Gekko Sales Team. Read more

Dr Adam Teague and Craig Headley joins Gekko’s Technical Team
Gekko Systems | 25 March 2013

Peter Gray, Technical Services Manager at Gekko Systems, is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr Adam Teague and Craig Headley as Senior Metallurgists at Gekko’s Ballarat office. Read more

Detox pioneer Randy Agius (left) joined Gekko’s Cyanide Detox Group in 2012. He is pictured with Sandy Gray, Technical Director

Gekko Wins Environmental Excellence Award
Mining Magazine | 02 February 2013

The entire team at Gekko, in particular our Cyanide (CN) Detox Group, is immensely proud to have been independantly nominated for the Mining Magazine's Environmental Excellence award. Read more

crush, separate, classify

The Virtuous Cycle – reject gangue, concentrate mineral
Gekko Systems | 27 November 2012

The “virtuous cycle” has been conceived as a tool to assist thinking around the opportunities to reject gangue or recover mineral at optimum crush/grind size. The aim of this model is to... Read more

combined recovery yield curve

Gravity/Flotation test protocols
Gekko Systems | 27 November 2012

Gekko’s IPJ and flash flotation are processing methods which remove gold or other minerals from a comminution circuit. They are complementary technologies and in many cases have been used... Read more

InLine Leach Reactor

InLine Leach Reactor: a short history of its purpose application and development
Gekko Systems | 27 November 2012

Gekko Systems launched the InLine Leach Reactor (ILR) in 1997 as the world’s first commercial intensive leach production unit. Originally designed to treat high volumes of concentrate... Read more

Leaching silver flotation concentrates to produce dore on site
Gekko Systems | 27 November 2012

A large proportion of the world’s silver is produced as silver flotation concentrate and is sold to smelters for treatment. This incurs costs in smelter charges, transport and often extra... Read more

Gekko takes on CN detox
Gekko Systems | 27 November 2012

Combining Gekko’s extensive experience with cyanide through its wide installation base of Inline Leach Reactors, and world-renowned cyanide detox expert Randy J. Agius’s expertise, formed... Read more

Gekko Systems

AMIRA P420 Gold Processing Technology Research Project – now in 15th year
Gekko Systems | 22 November 2012

Gekko has continued to show its commitment to the mining industry through its sponsorship of the AMIRA P420 project since it’s inception over 15 years ago when the... Read more


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