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From screening out magnetics to small-scale Dense Media Separator testing, ion-exchange recovery to electowinning systems; Gekko's other high quality products cover all aspects of energy-efficient flowsheet design.

Because successful installations require an all-encompassing approach to design, development and technical service, Gekko's product range extends beyond major products. These premium products allow Gekko to deliver step-change benefits via complete mining solutions.

Gekko's premium quality products are designed for efficiency and high recoveries.
Gekko's premium quality products are designed for efficiency and high recoveries.

Carbon Scout

The Carbon Scout is an automated, self-contained device that sequentially collects slurry samples from carbon in pulp (CIP) tanks and determines the distribution of the activated carbon in the pulp for each tank to an accuracy of ±0.5g carbon/litre of pulp. The Carbon Scout was developed to replace traditional manual techniques with an automated measuring technology. The ground based system enhances operator safety by reducing their exposure to Cyanide solutions and allows for the collection of additional samples.

Theory of operation:

The process used by the Carbon Scout to determine the distribution of activated carbon produces results in line with manual carbon concentration measurements conducted by plant operators.

The process involves:

  • Collecting a sample from the tank.
  • Screening the sample (to separate the pulp and activated carbon particles).
  • Measuring the volume of the activated carbon particles.

The accurate sampling capabilities of the Carbon Scout can be utilised for daily laboratory samples as well as future technology enhancements such as online density and mineral analysis.

The Carbon Scout utilizes a unique siphon system to deliver representative samples directly into the unit for analysis. Thus removing operator exposure to Cyanide solution, this machine improves safety, accuracy and consistency of carbon concentration measurements in CIL and CIP circuits.

Combined with SIMCIL process modelling the package will deliver improved carbon management, reduced gold solution loss and free up operators for more critical duties.

Applicable Minerals: Free GoldSulphide GoldSilver
Applicable Processes: CIL and CIP circuits

G-Rex-Resin Column

The G-Rex is an efficient ion-exchange column reactor that specifically extracts gold away from other metal contaminants in cyanide leach solutions. A safe alternative to carbon-based extraction, the G-Rex’s Aurix resin beads bind gold while other metals stay in solution. The gold is stripped from the resin using a hot caustic solution and then recovered by conventional electrowinning. No thermal resin regeneration is required. The G-Rex system can be used for selective separation of gold over copper; silver over copper; gold and silver over copper or other dissolved metals as required. 

  • Fast, economic, high-yield separation
  • Low capital and operating costs
  • Small footprint
  • Robust, fully automated design
  • Easy to install and maintain.

Applicable Minerals: Free Gold, Sulphide Gold, Silver
Applicable Processes: Pregnant Solution Recovery

Mag Screen

The unique Mag-Screen cleanly removes magnetics from ore feeds with very low gold entrainment. An alternating tapered magnet, that creates a rotating magnetic field, traps and releases magnetics away from non-magnetics. The Mag-Screen then mechanically sorts the non-magnetics, through a fine cut-point non-blinding screen, to maximise mineral recoveries in appropriate downstream processing, such as concentrating based on particle size. With low head height requirements, the Mag-Screen can be easily retrofitted for significant recovery benefits.

  • Improved gold recovery
  • Zero water consumption
  • Clean feed preparation
  • Cost effective
  • Long-lasting quality unit

Applicable Minerals: Free Gold, Sulphide Gold, Silver
Applicable Processes: Feed Preparation, Gangue Rejection

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Gekko’s Viking is a Dense Media Separator designed to separate metalliferous ores from waste material. This device is primarily used as a testing unit for small capacity loads. The Viking separates ores based on their density differential. Like Gekko’s InLine Pressure Jig, the Viking separates materials with dissimilar specific gravity characteristics and is an ideal method for testing the separation characteristics of ore samples. The Viking uses water mixed with Ferro Silicon, which increases the slurry density to create a dense media. The density of the water and Ferro Silicon mixture can be set by varying the percentage of Ferro Silicon to water.

  • Simple test apparatus
  • Small footprint
  • Economical
  • High quality unit
  • Easy to use

Electrowinning Cells

Designed to capture more metal, Gekko’s high volume Electrowinning Cell achieves high efficiency gold and silver extraction from leach and other gold-bearing solutions. Cathodes are cleaned in situ, reducing handling and streamlining operations. A ‘pack style’ electrode arrangement allows easy removal via a lifting jig for maintenance. Voltage drop and heat generation is minimised as input power is distributed along the central copper bus. Also, a simple locking system maintains the critical power connection. Remote control valves for the 3-cone launders-eductor system allows easy cleaning, drainage and sludge removal. The Electrowinning Cell has a good ventilation system and a smart cover design for fast access to the unit.

  • Greater uptime
  • High yield
  • Reduced washing
  • Efficient in situ cathode cleaning
  • High-quality components

Applicable Minerals: Free Gold, Sulphide Gold, Silver
Applicable Processes: Pregnant Solution Recovery, Electrowinning

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