Gekko Systems is a company dedicated to driving change in the global minerals processing industry.

We have established a recognised leadership for developing cost-effective and beneficial equipment for a range of mineral sectors, including gold, diamonds, tin and tantalum.

The people at Gekko have a passion for innovation and this is at the heart of Gekko's team approach to development. Working closely with our clients and solving their problems often leads to exciting new developments.

We recognise that achieving excellence is all about having the right information and the right processes, but mostly it’s about having the right people.
We recognise that achieving excellence is all about having the right information and the right processes, but mostly it’s about having the right people.


World’s best value and outcomes for customers at all process design and implementation stages.


Make a difference to customers and community through world leadership in mineral processing and effective solutions delivery.


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Elizabeth Lewis-Gray, Managing Director

Elizabeth Lewis-Gray
Managing Director

Elizabeth Lewis-Gray is co-founder, Chairman and Managing Director of Gekko Systems, based in Ballarat, Victoria. Gekko is a world leader in gold processing technology, and energy (processing) efficient modular plants, designing, construction and operation.  The company was established in 1996 and in addition to its head office in Ballarat, has offices in Perth, Vancouver, Johannesburg, and Santiago.

With over 400 installations throughout 44 countries worldwide, Gekko has been successful with several awards, including:   Winner Best Early Stage Category Award – Australian Venture Capital Awards; and twice listed in Deloitte’s Technology Fast 50.  Gekko’s latest award was the 2012 Mining Magazine Environmental Excellence Award.

Elizabeth is currently Chair of Austmine as well as Chair of Austmine’s Strategy Sub-committee.  She was a member of the Australian Federal Government’s National Precincts Board and after eight years, recently retired from the Innovation Australia Board.  Elizabeth was inducted into the Australian Businesswoman’s Hall of Fame in 2000, is a Fellow of the Financial Services Institute of Australasia (FINSIA), and has won several awards including the Warren Centre’s Innovation Heroes Award.

The founding Chairman of CEEC (Coalition for Eco-Efficient Comminution), Elizabeth was visionary in the formation of this not-for-profit organisation. CEEC aims to accelerate knowledge transfer in the field of eco-efficient comminution; an area of mineral processing with the potential for significant energy savings through beneficial comminution strategies. CEEC has the capacity to have a meaningful global impact on energy consumption in mining and has recently been awarded the 2013 Mining Magazine Editor’s award.

Prior to her involvement in the mining sector, Elizabeth worked in stockbroking and strategic planning. Her qualifications include a Bachelor Degree in Economics, and a Masters in Business Management.

Sandy Gray, Technical Director

Sandy Gray
Technical Director

Sandy Gray is co-founder and Technical Director of Gekko Systems, and is responsible for the Technical, Sales, and Research and Development teams. He has a background in mine management and over 15 years experience in mineral processing operations.

Since founding Gekko he has rejuvenated the art of gravity separation of alluvial gold using the basis of panning. Sandy is a world leader in gravity gold and leaching flowsheets design, materials handling and effective plant design.

Sandy invented Gekko’s patented systems including the InLine Pressure Jig, InLine Leach Reactor and the Python Processing Plant.

A strong objective at Gekko is to target innovation to niche markets with little market competition. This clearly ensures that the company’s products and services stand alone and are differentiated from others. Sandy is the driving force behind these innovations and is responsible for their continued development. His inventions are breakthroughs in the field of mineral processing, with over 490 installations at mines in 43 different countries.

Sandy is a recipient of the prestigious Clunies Ross Award, Australia’s pre-eminent award for scientists, technologists and innovators. Other awards he has received include the AusIMM Mineral Operating Technique Award, the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award (Technology, Communications, E-commerce & Life Sciences - Southern Region) and, most recently, the Premier’s Design Award in 2010. His committee memberships include the CSIRO Mineral Resources Sector Advisory Council and Water Resources Committee for Ballarat.

Sandy is currently completing research and development into thiosulphate, coal and other environmental processing opportunities to further advance Gekko’s capabilities.

Gekko Management Tean

Gekko Management Team

Gekko’s expert management teams deliver world technical leadership in areas such as gold and mineral processing, low energy flowsheets and continuous gravity solutions.

With a global reputation to provide innovation that works, Gekko management teams oversee the supply of vertically integrated solutions to customers - from ore analysis, engineering and manufacturing, through to full operations management and support.

This is achieved by offering customers access to unique proprietary technologies, design and construct capabilities and on-site operational service packages.

Gekko management teams allow the company to offer a low-cost, ‘one-stop shop’ service and supply model.

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